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Hello, my name is Akira.
I'm a freelance programmer, designer, and professional human being.
I come to you today under dire circumstances. Our world is tumultuous, and unsteady. People everywhere are seeking information and truth. Issues - real world issues like war, inhumanity, corruption, the economy, science, religion, etc - are all pervasive. Some deny it and leave things be. Some are unable to turn away, and feel the need for change.
I come to you for participation. I don't know everything, and I don't know where things are going. I'm just interested. I know what life can be and what the world can be, and I will seek to understand it.
I've started a small forum. I hope to draw free-thinking, intelligent, creative and strong people together for a common goal. The counterculture needs a nexus. The counterculture needs a voice.
I hope to converse, research, share information and grow. I hope that those with the vision to bring change will step forward to work for a cause.
I hope some of you will be interested in taking part in the forums, sharing information, learning some things, and having fun. Topics like politics, technology, computers, movies and media, religion, conspiracy, hemp and psychotropics, governance, and more. Everyone has ideas, it's time to share.
Of Us All

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