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Default Re: The Strange Georgia (USA) Guide Stones

Dear Stompk,

With all due respect to your beliefs, God is not a "he". God is a wave of energy whose range is infinite.

God certainly does control death ---- Death is an illusion, which does not exist in the real universe.

In this artificial physical universe where people falsely believe they are "bodies", death is controlled by genetic age progression, and Leucedendra has explained that this has nothing to do with God, because WE built this universe of lies and deceit.

I understand the compulsive imprinting of having lived for countless number of rebirthings on this planet, where you would choose to hang on to an idea that somehow a dead human being is the key to salvation. That is why only 7% of the people living here will be given the key to the kingdom, so to speak, and the 93% will not.

It may indeed be better for those in your position since it appears that your next home will be on a system which has a much closer propensity to telepathic existence; which ultimately will disabuse you of whatever pre-existing conceptions you have acquired on this world of lies and false data.

I hope you give it some further thought and perhaps you will change your mind. Free will ultimately belongs to all of us to adopt whatever thoughts and beliefs we wish. However, free will does not apply to the bodies we inhabit when the survival of our world is collectively threatened by the majority of the people living within it.

Good Choices Ahead,

Arvel Montmortis, Ph.D.
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