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Default Re: The Reptilian New World Order?

Originally Posted by Ratziel View Post
He He, I believe we already have met And yes you are all of those things and all of those things are expressions of you. But I warn you I am not shaken easily ha ha
You see what you are experiencing is real on some plane. We are all god. We are all aspects of each other and aspects of the creator as well as the dark counterpart. It depends on which aspect of your consciousness you are connected to be it your higher or lower self. The creator and co creators have created us not to be worshiped but to live through our experiences as us. It's the jealous power hungry beings who retain cosmic power but remain disconnected from creation and hence themselves that want to be worshiped as gods. Like those who have altered us genetically and spiritually to be worshiped and worship. And to feed from negative energy and emotion. There is more than one type that belongs to this group not just reptilian and serpent but many beings have joined the dark alliance. But yes I have visited or been visited by you on some plane thatyou probably don't remember. The problem is you have little or no control over what aspect of your expression you connect to there for you are being controlled through your subconscious and impulsive mind by your demons. So yea you may be some aspect of god or the devil in simple terms but you are not the only one who has looked through the eyes of the creator. I feel your anger but in spite bliss and light to you.
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