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Default Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

It happens that I have one of the largest collection of fossils in the world with over 10000 specimens from 440 million years to 40000 years ago! The thing is that I have empty whole deserts to find those, and while there are still peoples lacking the education to understand that some rocks aren't proper to built walls with (like the use of dino eggs to separate the pigs), ancient Chinese scholars did use "dragon bones" in the medicine for thousands of years... It just happens that they didn't know the word fossil in their vocabulary! Also famous romans did collect fossils too (2000 years ago), it just that this isn't common knowledges!

There is no conspiracy about fossils in this place! Mongolia as well as China (which isn't really what we call under US influences) have death penalty for the selling of dino eggs and other important fossils! If this is a conspiracy, then it isn't funny joke to criminalize this trade!!
In the rest of the world, the trade isn't much regulated!

As for the Darwin theory of evolution, it is true that it do not answer all questions, but that was the beginning of a more complete understanding of biological evolution! It is much more complicated than Darwin once thought, and we are still years away from really disclosing the evolution vectors of all life, since it will involve the rewriting of all phylogeny listing of life that appears on Earth and it involve genetic studies, that takes long time to do!

As for fossilization processes, they are many, yet scarce and our world demographic density, do not allows extensive discoveries of all specimens. Also, most specimens won't be found complete, due to scavengers that would have dismembered most animals prior to their fossilization! Only areas having experienced massive extinction events like violent volcanic eruption like the ones in Liaoning and Gansu province (from a super volcano), which covered all life with about 1m of ashes in less than 30 seconds have the most complete specimens!
I found dino mothers protecting their child while sleeping (in 30 seconds sleeping animals do not even wakes-up), I have seens 3 baby dino holding together while dying and many scenes of their life that can't be fake and that you won't EVER read in magazines unless you search for them yourself!

Its sad that you do not believe in evolutions, because its magnificient!!!
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