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Default Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

I have no fixed opinion, my view changes as my perspective shifts, so please share with me, I think it is important to remain open minded at all times and find merit in things others might not, for it is a fine line between genius and insanity.

over the past 100 or so years++ there has been a war waged on peoples hearts and minds (repeated attempts to beat down the population and break our spirit), examples of this can be seen with the naming and shaming of Bill Clinton, the man of the people, the illegal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, even with pretty much the whole nation (UK) saying NO, we still invaded, this makes you feel powerless. Another example of this powerless tactic employed is the obvious railroading of GW Bush into office, by his brother Jed's state.
I don't know but I have the feeling that this process was all started with the destruction of peoples faith and beliefs, now i'm not a god botherer, but if you believe something unquestioningly and hold it close to your heart, it will hurt when it is ripped away right? When paleontology came on the scene it did rock the religious world with the whole Dinosaurs thing and I believe it started a change in the mind set of the entire western world towards an individualistic (self centered) way of thinking, this leads away from the feeling that we are all connected and love to share in communities and feeling joy in just being, and drives you towards a world of consumer goods, and must have labels, with dramatic televisual soap operas and the liver ruining poison that is fast food, all to fill the void with drama, and quick short satisfaction, and shit no one would ever need, and empty your wallet and keep the population powerless and fearful and consuming.

Maybe this guy's questioning is way out there but the implications of what he says ring true, that's all.

But you know what maybe not maybe it all bull....who knows that's the most beautiful thing about life.....the mystery, that's why were all on this site.

Just to reiterate I have no religious belifes in any way shape or form, or hold a belief that dinosaurs did not exist, I merely desire to entertain other perceptions and perspectives.

++ this war has most probably been waged since the dawn of civilization, but has been seriously ramped up in the last 100 or so years building to a crescendo.
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