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Default KoolAide has two flavors

As an experiment I signed onto and got banned in 48 hours. I do admit presenting my views as a liberal on this board got me flamed instantly and the vitriolic hate was instantaneous.
But. I then logged onto Dailykos, a leading left wing board and then presented a vitriolic hate for all things conservative. Well, the censorship there has a different flavor. You just get ignored. The problem with the left is that they have their head so far up in the asshole of minute little details they can't see the forest.
S1873. Hello...They just passed a bill saying they can give you and your family mandatory shots and if your thirteen year old son goes into a coma you can't sue big pharma for damages.
ZZZZAAAAP.......flat comment. Deer in the headlights kind of thing. The left wing ignores you completely, unless of course you happen to be a celebrity in left wing parlance.
Cindy Sheehan,John Kerry,Ted Kennedy all got instant gratification. It is a club of the elite of the left.
The right is open however to anyone who can aptly parrot in their own creative way the approved party line.
In both cases though I chose the correct moniker
Lord, I want the last ride. The ride of the fourth horseman before the Apocalypse. The ride before you smite all and declare all of humanity to be a failure.

Either that or I am just having too many beers, enjoying myself in these last days we have.

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