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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America?

With all due respect, True Believer, I don't see it as you do.

Even those in western power have a fragmented, seldom unilateral combined view on things.

It's about manipulation one all levels... public servants, and private citizens.

It's easy to formulate an "us and against them" mantra, but very dangerous in that it doesn't account for the same parameters such as family, friends, upbringing, and such we all share as human beings.

I prefer to look upon my fellow humans individually on a case by case basis and gauge their goodness or lack of, according to how I've been raised and conditioned by experience.

I don't believe Hillary Clinton, nor George W. Bush are evil in the sense of full on malice or devilish tendencies.

They merely have a view point, especially tempered by the environment of their offices and advisors.

Someone is obviously wrong, and it may be all of us by the same stroke of historical painting many text books into the future.

Take for instance, Abraham Lincoln suspending the free speech of the people in a time of civil unrest, or outlining a liberating doctrine for slavery in all the states minus the Northern ones.

Was he wrong? I think so. Was it corrected? With time, I believe it has been. Still, many people hold him in such high esteem that my mind boggles. He was a president in a time of civil disobedience, and acted along the lines of "the end justifies the means". He did what he thought to be correct.... and changed the landscape of Northern versus Southern economics and disenfranchisement.

Look at where Davey Crockett died...a mexican prison after being tortured alongside Bowie and Travis to see what the history books and Disney presents it's young apt students.

What about George Washington's affiliation with the Masons, and the numerous "strategic mistakes" on the colonial battlefields and wilderness expanses? How can three couriers not get through to route a colonial army set to self destruct on it's own? Especially in such an important battlefield...

I disagree with your black and white mentality. Black and white makes it easier to mobilize against a percieved threat, but historically, most threats have been so grey as to render the motives hearsay and conjecture.

You may be 100 percent right on any given statement or theory. But can you prove it?

If you can, you're not of this earth.

(again, I say this with the utmost respect for your contrary belief system as it's your beliefs, and I mean no intention of ill will or harm for discussing it with you in a situation of debate and higher learning.)
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