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Default Why Islam Will Go Down When Babylon Falls

Consider: By accepting Jesus as being born of a virgin and being a prophet of Allah--but rejecting him as the Son of God--the Koran, and hence Islam, commits assault and battery on an important point of logic:

a) Who but God could create a child in the womb of Mary?!

b) Who would that child be if not the offspring--in this case, the Son--of its creator?? In the Koran, Allah denies emphatically several times that he has a son. (The explanation is given that Allah created the child Jesus like he created Adam. This makes no sense because there is no claim that Adam was born of woman as the Koran says Jesus was. As with apples and oranges, the comparisons here are fundamentally dissimilar and any attempt to make them the same is not only illogical, but downright ingenious, and hence deceptive and from Satan rather than God. This is sharp-pointed evidence that the god said to have been responsible for this comparison (Allah) is himself false and dishonest and could find no better way to get out of the self-inflicted conundrum of accepting Jesus as a Prophet of Allah born of a virgin. Islam has a real problem here.)

c) Moreover, this pivotal teaching that Jesus was a prophet of Allah but emphatically not his son, adds up to this: It makes a prophet of God a liar! Why? This Jesus who is virgin born in the Koran is the same Jesus who is virgin born in the Bible. Yet, according to the Koran, the claims by Jesus in the Bible that he is indeed the son of God are lies. How then can this same virgin born Jesus be a prophet of Allah (God), and not be his son as Jesus repeatedly said he was in the Bible...without being a liar? Does Allah have liars for prophets?

If so, then why trust Muhammad or any other prophets in the Koran??

Or is this just saying that it is the Bible that is lying and not Jesus or Allah?

If that is the argument, then choosing to follow the Koran over the Bible is not a rational choice. Look: The entire credibility of the Koran and Islam rests on all-out commitment to believing in Muhammad--an illiterate man who had fits and revelations from Satan and believed that he was demon possessed. He had 11 wives (one 9 years old) and claimed to have been married to Mary the mother of Jesus and Moses’ sister Miriam and Pharoah’s wife on his flight into the seven heavens. Muhammad was a superstitous man who recommended drinking camel urine for good health, and putting the right shoe on first and taking the left shoe off first. He also advocated dipping a housefly that might have gotten into one’s drink because one wing was diseased and the other held the cure (p.109). This is the man who went into the desert and came out with the Koran given to him by the archangel Gabriel.

How credible is such a man with when he is put alongside six hundred years of support for the New Testament claims of Jesus’ Sonship from Jesus Himself, His Apostles, hundreds of contemporary witnesses and thousands of copiers of that sacred text before Muhammad ever brought out his alleged message from on high that was tailored to confuse and destroy Christianity?

Further, such belief and commitment ignores the obvious, namely, a substantial part of the Bible was just lifted, edited and re-phrased, and put in the Koran. For example, Muhammad or somebody just changed Abraham’s son of promise from being Isaac to Ishmael, and then asserted that the parts of the New Testament Gospel that wouldn’t fit with that change had been corrupted and the Koran was telling it like it is. Confusing, yes; but not very persuasive when you think about it.

The Bible makes the point that Satan, not God, is the author of confusion (I Cor. 14:33). Draw your own conclusions..

d) The whole relegation of females to the level of chattel without souls on earth, and to Playboy Bunnies in Allah’s version of paradise, is a real eye-opener as to the Koran’s--and hence, Islam’s--view of God. This view is in sharp contrast to the Bible view wherein there "is no male nor female" distinction in God’s eternal plan, a plan where both genders are counted as His Children and made "joint heirs" with Jesus (Gal. 3:28,29. The Koran teaches that females are possessions and that their primary assignment in marriage and in Allah’s paradise is to service men sexually, not only speaks volumes about the g’d of this tome but reveals a very suspicious kinship with the view of females found in that other antithesis of the Bible, i.e., the Talmud (HERE, p.6).

e) Always in the Koran, Allah--who does not even ascribe souls to females--is also a bellicose God clamoring for holy war (Jihad) against all who oppose him. This, of course, is again in the sharpest contrast to the Biblical Jesus, the Prince of Peace, Who came to reveal the heart of His Father in a New Covenant with the whole world. (The Christian Crusades were, to be sure, an example of Christian Jihad. But again, that was a failed church-led operation which defied the Biblical way of conquest through love and Truth. Besides: No such unBiblical Christian Jihad occurred for half a millennia after the Koranic Jihad unleashed a bloodbath of conquest in its century-long debut. In short, the chief fact here is this: The Christian Crusades Jihad argument that Moslems employ to take the edge off of warlike proclivities ordained by Muhammad speaking for Allah in the Koran is a false argument. It is false because it uses an example (The Crusades) that is diametrically contrary to the Biblical teaching of conquest through love and truth and not by war. The Popes who fostered the Crusades were men with their own agenda, not the Bible’s. The Moslem leaders who fostered their century’s of Jihad were true to their holy book. Which holy book is really "holy"; and which God is really "holy"?)

f) Finally, Allah is to be feared and worshipped obediently, frequently, and ritually with little or no personal interaction from his dutiful subjects given or required. In sharp contrast to Allah, the Biblical Father God invites those who love and worship Him to call Him "Daddy" (Abba) and be joint heirs with His only begotten Son for eternity in a sin-free environment where they will build their own houses and raise their own food (Is. 65:21), live in immortal flesh and blood bodies (Is. 66:23), have children (Is. 11:6,8; 65:23;66:21), visit their town house mansions in the New Jerusalem lovingly built by their half-brother Jesus (John 14:2,3), partake of the wonders there and worship Father and Son Who choose to dwell with them (Rev. 21:3;22:1; etc.).

When these plain Bible Truths snuff out the plethora of man-made doctrinal distortions in the Churches of Christendom during the coming Fall of Babylon, there won’t be much hesitation on the part of tens of millions of truth-loving Moslems in seeing which religion is from a God they want to follow and serve and worship eternally.
( Ahmad, please don't get angry at me about posting this. I do believe I can learn much
from your other posts - they're really very good).

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