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Default Re: Why Islam Will Go Down When Babylon Falls

Although there are good points you make in your post, I feel that it is a bit one-sided.

I believe that the religions of the world are different for a reason. It is a test of faith. The fact that we all worship the same God is enough.

Through the diversified beliefs that we are born to, and the fact that it is FAITH and not PROOF that religion is based upon makes neither wrong, nor right.

I believe that Jesus is a saviour. Ahmad does not believe that. I also don't believe that neither Ahmad nor myself will go to hell for either belief, no matter what he says.

It is also how we treat our fellow man that dictates where we go. I'm a bit more open minded than Ahmad, because I don't tell him he's going to hell for what he believes in. I accept his beliefs as a possibility of a larger truth that I have no hope of fully understanding.

Since God is Omnipotent . . . without a beginning or an end . . . I believe that BOTH of our beliefs are correct. Ahmad's beliefs are correct for him, and my beliefs are correct for me.

I have learned to tolerate the differences of the beliefs of my fellow man, because I would want them to tolerate what I believe. It is the teachings of Christ that taught me that, and it works for me. It's also not worth my time FIGHTING about God. Why should I fight a battle of religious differences that He deems not worth the effort? If either Ahmad or myself were a heathen, and if it was a direct affront against Him, would he not have stricken either one of us dead?

And if this is what you believe . . . then that's fine. I respect your beliefs . . . but its not right for me. Thanks for the insight, anyhow. It is yet another side of the story to think about.

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