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Default Re: Why Islam Will Go Down When Babylon Falls


1. The Bible
2. The Quran
3. See below:

Having made a modest but sincere effort to understand the powerful religion of Islam (HERE - HERE), I finally found what seems to me to be the ideal book for that purpose for Christians and other non-Muslims. The book is: Unveiling Islam, by Dr. Ergun Mehmet Caner and Dr. Emir Fethi Caner (Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, MI 49501, 2002, 251 pp.)

Since the Caner brothers are former Muslims who have become Christians, their book and their extensive witness for Christianity are, of course, all anathema in the Moslem world.

Since, also, the Canerís TV and print-media endorsements seem to be exclusively from sources locked into Christian Zionism, I must admit I expected to find a strong Zionist bias that would warp their treatment of Islam. I didnít find much of that.

So, while I learned a lot about Islam from the Caners, and found next to nothing to criticize, I canít begin to quote all the things I would like that would take fifty pages or so. Rather, I will simply recommend the book as a very reliable information-packed source of information about the Koran and Islam... information, I am happy to report, that has the virtue of reflecting a sincere and loving Christian attitude. website by Marshall Hall, Georgia,USA
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