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Default Police Entrapment of Young Males

My name is Mark Jason Henning. My story begins in the State of Ohio in the US where local police forces are busting a large percentage of the young male population aged 20-30 on the internet for talking dirty and calling it solicitation. There are no actual minors involved in any of theses arrests: all minors are actually cops pretending to be horny or curious minors who only have one topic in which they wish to discuss on the chat room. That topic being something sexual in nature so they can get an arrest. As I have researched into the corruption as it has ruined my life and should I lose at trial it will brand me a sex oriented offender. These officers are motivated by money or governmental grants alone. What I have found out is that these small town local police forces receive bigger grants/bigger bonuses for making more arrests and convictions. I have contacted local newspapers regarding this shocking statistic but no one seems to care at all.

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