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Post Re: So, about the economy ...

This stupid middle class yank is too tired to correct your grammar and spelling errors.
Nice red herring by the way no american uses proper grammar your english is just retarded over there! For example a nation uses ZZs instead of SSs or spells gaol, jail or calls strawberry Jam jelly and jelly, jello, however I digress. I prefer English grammar myself not some bubble gum version. btw where are these spelling errors of mine ??

Call me stupid, but why is it that the IMF has approved the G7's plan to chart a course out of the so-called economic global crisis?

Why is the IMF and/or the G7 even involved?
Just dont get do you BA! RESPONSIBILITY=EVERYONE!.

next youll be posting a call for all bankers to be shot or gased!!.
They had a job they did it they respond to the supply and demand of greedy people so they did their jobs. However some fools just dont pay their bills with interest on time or at all!.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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