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Default Re: So, about the economy ...

Originally Posted by Ozziecynic View Post
Well you did say spelling. However are we here to discuss current affairs & the esoteric or here to have petty personal attacks!. If you want posters to stick around then this attitude wont help!
The irony of your counter culture symbol & fabian overtones has never escaped my attention. Meaning whatever revolution your after is not what I am after at all dear.
You under estimate my intelligence and my esoteric knowledge. Still if your serious about this 21st century Monarch Project (cc) then i really dont see you as crafty at all just very stale and having too many acid flashbacks.
Are you kidding? You personally attacked me. You called me stupid and made numerous grammatical and spelling errors while you were trying to do it. Stop trying to make this into something else. You got called out and failed.

Buck up, be a man and move on.
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