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Default Re: Aliens would find us boring.

Originally Posted by Algebra View Post
Lets say hypertheticaly that aliens discover us here on earth and begin watching and annylizing us.

Not hypothetical in my mind.

Would'nt they find the fact that we seem unable to forget about the past and move on in our proggresion towards true scintific and spiritual understanding tedius.

Want us wallowing in the past. Don't want us to advance.

Who cares what jesus said thousands of years ago. (whether or not you believe it to be true) What bearing does it have on the problems and challenges we face today. Unless we get out of the habit of discovering something and then back checking it to see if it fits with what the bible says or conforms with our current understanding of the physical. Then there is no scope for the kind of genius that allowed Einsien to come up with the theory of relativity etc. It hit him in an instant and then he spent years proving it was possible. Not by searching what had been before but by poening his mind and allowing the birth of a new system.

First part of the above paragraph anyway: they'll be diehards.
To impede our progress from in ourselves.
Have us looking - out away from - our selves.

We need to be constantly creating new languages and models that describe not what we know already. But whats out there in the universal language, field or matrix, to be discovered when independant of previouse laws and rules.

For sure we need to discover.
They don't want us to, though.
For now, their calling the shots and we are following.

"Look inside the eye of your mind, dont you know you might find. A better place to play" - Noel gallagher
Turns out to be, the way things are going with me.
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