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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America?

igwt wrote:
Thumper wrote:
wow, my thread has become quite the clusterfuck hasn't it :-P :-P
Notice how the thread started on one subject and now is hijacked on another subject...interesting...troll alert!

Funny how this thread began with discussion, and respectful at that, then it degenerated into a free for all where a bunch of christians took it upon themselves to gang up on one lone person, and paint them as some kind of new age devil merely because I don't abide by religious denominations or fools.

I tried to let this go, and Freeman offered a first hand. It's been a few opportunists after that thought it fair sport to poke and prod in the name of christian values.

You wanted to know why I don't value christian values?

Proof is here in this thread.

Good luck with the modern witch hunt, boys and girls. I won't be posting in this thread any further.

Lap at my ankles in another thread of designed humping.

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