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Default Re: Who will be the first to confront the menace of America?

Hey, freeman, thanks. Guess all those years I thought I wasted in the new age occult movement weren't all for nothing.
I agree Nex, this subject needs to end, but just want to address a few things in your post.
If you aren't a new ager, my apologies, as I have a tendency to see a new ager behind every tree (or post).
Our courts and schools weren't infiltrated by religion; they started out in the beginning with basic religious ideals (re: U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights). Seeming fanatics on both the Left and Right have wreaked havoc on these systems, who are controlled ultimately by the Illuminati.
You're right that some of our customs have come from Pagan sources; those scary Xmas trees and misletoe have gotta go!
But there's a big difference between Hitler's devotion to the occult, and that of being a vegetarian and partaking of Bavarian sausage and squab (what the heck is squab, anyway?).
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