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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

The Alex Jones show is on the Genesis Communication networks (GCN). GCN is affiliate with ABC. ABC is owned by Disney. The Disney's are one of the leading illuminati families. So here we have fake patriot Alex Jones blaming the Illuminati for everything, while he has strong ties to one of the companies of one of the leading illuminati families.

Alex Jones likes to make documentaries like the one about the Bohemian Grove. This whole documentary was staged to discredit or contain the stories about what is really going on at this place. Its impossible for any person to enter this place unauthorized. No journalist has been able to get in there. Only agent Alex. The Bohemian Grove is an important place for the illuminati. With the technology they possess its unlikely that somebody can just walk into that place. Alex Jones Bohemian Groove documentary tells us nothing. One hour of the documentary is driving to the Groove. Pretty useless footage. Than he says he's in the Groove and can just happily walk around there. On his tour he basically tries to tell us that its just an old boys club. He does not mention anything controversial about what is going on there. Than at the end there is the ceremony with the owl. Nothing new either. These pictures were published earlier already. Than we see the fake human sacrifice. Alex tries to convince us they only do fake human sacrifices. Conclusion from this documentary. Nothing really wrong what is happening there. Just some powerfull people joining in some odd but innocent rituals.

The real story which Alex does not tell ofcourse is the homosexual behaviour the rich and the powerfull are involved in over there. He does not tell about the hookers flown there, male and female to serve the lust of these psychopaths. He does not talk about the sex slaves serving their. With other words, he does not tell anything.
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