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Default Re: What's the best way to wake people up to the NWO and it's full gravity?

I, as I suspect most truth seekers were, was born into a situation that attempted to fill me up with falsehoods. I believe my development in past lives made it possible for me to recognize some of the falsehoods instantly, and to question many of the others. I was a child questioning and resisting incompetent and dishonest adult authorities. Doing so was very stressful and confusing, and even after many years of life experience, study, and reflection, I am still undoing the negative effects the satanic conspiracy has had on me.

I did not come to an understanding of the satanic conspiracy instantly, even though I was predisposed to question and resist it from birth.

Compared to myself, the vast majority of people are unaware of the evils operating in the world. They are literally hypnotized, mesmerized, brainwahsed, conditioned, and ignorant. The witchcraft of satan has successfully cast a spell over the masses. Most people have been under this spell for many lifetimes, and I do not believe it is possible to do anything that will cause them to instantly snap out of it. Bear in mind that, in addition to being in a trance, most people are deeply in debt, and they spend most of their time and energy trying to survive; they really have no interest in understanding the bigger issues that we take so seriously.

For the small number of people who do have some interst in these matters, we can share information with them and try to point them in the right direction for further study. Since everyone is interested in money, that is often a good place to start. Nonetheless, the sad truth is that most people cannot comprehend the banking conspiracy in the least, even when it is explained to them in the simplest terms. Even so, if they are willing to listen, we can plant the seed of greater understanding, and maybe they will choose to learn more about it at a later time. I do not expect many people to wake up to the truth any time soon. However, some are ready. We are wise to help them learn the truth if we can. We can make some progress. It just seems to me that it may take a few thousand more years before humankind as a group is ready to cast off the shackles of satan. I believe I am alive on earth at this time to participate in that process of liberation. It is a worthwhile purpose, in my opinion.

I believe the best basic education on conspiracy theories is available from Henry Makow, the owner of His personal website is:
His articles by subject area are here:

Reading and understanding what Henry has to share requires more effort than most people are willing to expend. I have referred several people recently to Henry's website. All of them have some knowledge of conspiracies; one of them produces programs on conspiracies for a public access television station in Atlanta. None of them took the time to learn what Henry is teaching. These are intelligent people who are comfortable with their limited understanding at this time. I hope they bookmarked Henry's website and choose to study it someday.
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