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Default Re: PRESSURE: To Keep Up with the Joneses

jonk wrote:
The real reason people get caught in the constant buy cycle is the need to fulfil an excitement edge.

Advertising merely creates a want at the beginning, but after a while, bods get addicted to the allure/excitement induced by instant purchasing; espeicially credit & ebay for instance.

Buying is a thrill. That's all.

The worst thing about being a constant purchaser is you need to get rid of the old stuff once you've replaced it with new gear. Besides being in debt; being a 'hoarder' can be just as detrimental... leads to 'security/comfort possesions'.
Hey there JONK!!
After I posted, I went into our local newspaper here----and lo and behold, I find an article talking about Americans and how much we spend!!
People that wage below the $50,000 scale have maybe $5,000-8,000 in the bank. Those that make $50,000+ have only $10,000 in the bank--but of course, that can go anytime if they get fired, layed-off, or off from work because of no coverage for illness.
So now, with all the hooplah talk about Social Security--and only available to baby-boomers (like me) they want to give a 'wake-up' call with these little news articles on cutting back on our expenditures.
Tough to do when you are not only keeping up with your neighbors, but your job status, the people at work, and to 'ever so' impress the boss-man!!

Glad I don't have those problems. Self-employed!!
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