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Default Re: Real Atlantis Story Suppressed?

>>During the last few decades, we see a shift towards biodegradable materials and recycling.

That's US. In time we will make computers that never break and buildings that never fall down and clothes that never fall apart.THAT'S more environmentally sound than recycling and biodegradable materials. I don't see any Atlantian slacks around here, do you?

As for the rest of it. Pul-ease! Why does ALL conspiracy theory rely on grey info? And why do you CHOOSE to believe it isn't grey?

Because a world without conspiracy and the Illuminati and aliens would be death to you. You WANT it all to be true. You WANT child eating lizards in your world. Think about that for a minute. WHO would want that? Admit it. You get hot when you read a new conspiracy theory. You LOVE it. it's not "Oh no, this is horrible! It's "Oh my God the world is SO much more enjoyable now it's more like a film. More! MORE!" Then you can't get enough. You want worser and worser stuff. It doesn't matter how bad the evidence is. So long as there's 0.000001 percent chance of it. Then you can slag off all the people who straight away see it as bullshit and pretend you are a warrior sent to save the world.

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