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Default Re: Real Atlantis Story Suppressed?

Originally Posted by albie View Post
That's US. In time we will make computers that never break and buildings that never fall down and clothes that never fall apart.
That's unlikely, as it would halt the economy. In fact, modern capitalism actually leads to a DECREASE in quality of materials and construction because poor quality are cheaper and also because a lower lifespan of appliances and other products lead to greater consumption and therefore greater profit. Cars, radios, televisions and many other appliances have become LESS durable during the last decades as a consequence of this process.

Originally Posted by albie View Post
THAT'S more environmentally sound than recycling and biodegradable materials.
Not only is this contrary to the workings of the capitalist system, I'm pretty sure most people just don't want to use clothers or televisions that are 50 years old either because technology has moved on or just because it's second hand.

Originally Posted by albie View Post
I don't see any Atlantian slacks around here, do you?
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