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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

Michael Jackson became a freemason when his first breakthrough album "Off the Wall" was released and of course that was when he signed up with record Producer Quincy Jones who also worked with him in "The Wiz". If anyone has seen this movie they will see many of the masonic references throughout the film.

Later on Michael Jackson rebelled against being a freemason and thus all the false allegations of child abuse in 93-94 and thereafter.

In my opinion having read many articles about Michael, he was on a pedestal (going on and off ) with the freemasons. As he began trusting the wrong people such as Rev Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who are also freemasons.

Last year on November 21st media reports confirmed that Michael Jackson converted to Islam.

Michael Jackson Becomes A Muslim Named Mikaeel

Michael Jackson 'becomes a Muslim and changes name to Mikaeel' | Mail Online

Call him Mikaeel? Michael Jackson reportedly converts to Islam

216 days later he died aged 50. Both numbers 216 and 50 are relevant numbers in Freemasonry it would be too much for me to go into. But what does that tell you, was this a timed and planned murder from the Freemasons/ Illuminatis??

The most obvious reason I can think of this planned death of Michael Jackson was because of the vast amount of influence and fans he had across the world. And the message he was planning to give out to the world would have caused a huge impact and perhaps realisation of the truth, as Jermaine Jackson also a muslim said
“He could do so much, just like I am trying to do. Michael and I and the word of God, we could do so much.”

Mikaeel Jackson aka Michael Jackson Rest in Peace. X
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