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Default Re: Is Michael Jackson a Freemason?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Why is the media reporting that Michael Jackson requested his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, to spend the night with him at his rented home on the day of his death when it was reported previously that Dr. Conrad Murray was to be paid $150,000.000/$300,000.00 per month to reside with Jackson as his personal physician?

And, why does Dr. Conrad Murray state that he is owed $600,000.00 for two months of service, when the media is reporting that he resided with Jackson for 11 days before his death?

If Murray didn't reside with Jackson in his rented home, what was his physical address?

Why is it that Jackson needed a personal physician to reside with him?

Why is it that Jackson needed a personal physician, period.

His manager states that he was in perfect health, and since he built a fence around Jackson to keep people out, he certainly knew of the people whom he kept in.

I understand that the 911 caller was a Jackson staff member and that 911 wasn't called for 20 minutes after Murray found Jackson unconscious because he didn't know the address of Jackson's home.


It took 20 minutes for him to find someone on Jackson's staff who knew the address and could call 911 on a cell phone because there was no land line in Jackson's room.


The doctor doesn't have a cell phone?

If Jackson wasn't in debt, why was he renting a house?
The media always talk giving signs,so people belonging to different lodge can understand...

As you can see there was also an interview made to Mike by Diane Sawyer, a journalist that worked like press aider for the WHITE HOUSE during the NIXON administration and who helped Nixon with his memories...

The fact that Dr. Conrad Murray resided with Michael for just 11 days... 11 it mean DEATH,in mason signs-language, no a good number,at all!

The key points are doctors...something wrong with them for sure...It was too easy for them take Michael off, and Britain's The Sun obtained a copy of the report,talking about "unexplained bruises on his knees and shins and bruising to his back, indicating a recent fall"...

Com'on...everyone has one or two mobile, no excuse for that! 20 minutes time are enough for killing a person, but proof are needed...

I really won't believe this happen like I said before...

Otherwise someone is going to pay for this,absolutely!Some people can't decide on other life,because it can turns back with interest rate
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