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Default Re: Getting to know you ..

Dreak wrote:
good god..I just wanted to reply to MEKP and you jump all in me....

you must really like me there Blue

Lets kiss and make up .. whattya say ?

I have nothing against you..unless you want to continue to slam me..


What a weird post to me!!

Why would you possibly think that I really liked you? ELEMENTARY!!!


the BLUE thing, has got to go!!

No one refers to me as BLUE!!

KISS and make-up? Don't you usually say, give US a kiss? You know, like there's more than one of you???

Try LOST in the FLOOD. They do that kind of thing there.

Continue to SLAM you!! You've received a little slap. This place is mild compared to the abusive site I was "incarcerated" in for the past 13 months.

Lighten up, man!!!
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