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Default Re: Getting to know you ..

Hmm, seems like the problem of childish behavior is due to posters wanting to respond to the cr*p and weak moderators. If someone is being infantile, ignore them. Any intelligent poster will be able to see through it. Anyone that roots for the moron isn't worth having on your 'side.'

Also, moderators need to do their job instead of being scared of infringing on 'free speech' or of driving posters away. Unless you own this board, you have no say other than what is granted to you by the site owner. As for being scared of losing members, the kind of people that would be chased off by moderators keeping things on topic and erasing garbage posts are not the kind of people you would want in here.

As for me, I'm a solid 28 and living in Bush's state (not the state of confusion). I've been 'in the know' since 1993. I've been to several expos and conferences. I'm one man doing my small part. Lets get this back on track as a topic for introducing ourselves instead of arguing over who likes someone else.
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