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I agree %90 INSIGHT.

I have about 300-400 DVD's and VCD's. Mostly copies but I buy the classics.

I like to reward video game makers if they have produced a tight production and I will buy. Though to be honest there's been nothing worth playing in my eyes for sometime.

I have only just found the wonders of Bit Torrent and luuuuuuuuv the documentaries that abound.

I have a couple of thousand MP3's most of which are shit and I dont even know why i've kept them. The musicians can "earn" their money touring. This will give them less idle time to snort coke and gang bang groupies in their hotel rooms.

The mega corporations have tried to corner the music/culture market with their white bread shit and have paid the price...just like the movie makers. May they rot in hell. Just as the printing press freed up the world so long the internet and access to the multi media 'mediums' will usher in a knew era of freedom and democracy.

Of course they wont be sitting idly by. Gates, with his new "Longhorn" version of Windows (now what is with that name?) will make it virtually impossible to violate copyright...assuming some 12 year old in Norway does'nt crack it in 5-10 minutes of it being released. Point is, %70-%80 of the computer market will be covered anyway leaving only the hard core copiers such as ourselves who can be bothered.

Then of course O.S's like Linux will get a HUGE boost and this may backfire on Gates as people decide to pull the plug on Microsoft and bite the bullet with a Linux O.S...permenantly.

However, they have this covered as well because as the crackdown continues they intend to tie in "Criminal Confiscation Laws" with "Anti-terror laws" and consider copyright violation as terrorism and then simply take your house and contents.

This will be enough to scare most into submission.
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