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Default Re: Another "training exercise" on the way.

Couple that with Four Star General Kevin P. Byrnes, who led Army Training and Doctrine Command since November 2002, being fired for sexual misconduct. Even though he had filed for divorce six months ago, the Army decided to let him go without any service benefits for having committed adultry with a woman not in the military.
Often rules are made that are never enforced unless it's convenient. They were looking for a reason to fire him. Four star generals don't get reprimanded for something like this, let alone anyone for that matter. And, they definitely don't get all of their benefits revoked. I've got friends in the military and there are some things that go on between the men and the women that would make a porn director blush. This info coming from a female classmate of mine who went into the army.
They were looking for a reason. He was headquartered at Fort Monroe in Virginia. He oversaw all training exercises. It's been rumored that he was part of a group of officers that are intentionally doing whatever they can from expanding further global conflict. With the nuclear exercise coming up, and him being in charge of it, it would almost seem that he was fired because of something he knew and didn't condone about the exercise.
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