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Default Re: The gas chambers of Auschwitz are sacred; Muhammad is not

TB how the heck are you?
Very well now I'm back online with my kick arse Plll 800mghz, 256 meg of ram powerhouse and dial up connection! Long way from 3 computers from not so long ago and a 12 meg ADSL2 connection.:-)

Do you feel that both sides should be able to say what they want without out it being a crime?
Goes without saying...unless thats a crime as well?:-) Only lies and liars resort to making laws up to prevent the pulling apart of recieved doctrine. Otherwise we would all still consider the Sun revolving around the Earth.

Or do you feel that both topics, persecution of Jews and views on Islam should be a crime?
Their are no sacred cows though their may be good taste and tact.:-) When your sure of your position you dont need to make up laws to protect it. The truth protects itself and can never be crushed.

Just curious.
Watch out they dont make up a law out lawing "curiosity" to protect cats.:-)

P.S. the teachers view on Islam is valid by the way.
HAv'nt researched enough to comment with confidence on the Quaran. I'm aware it's basically true.

My personal relations with Muslims here in West Oz have been good. Gracious and polite people. My sister travelled extensivly in Turkey and the Mid East for 2 years and had nothing but praise for Islam and the Arab people. She had never felt safer BAR Egypt! She has just spent a year in Malaysia (muslim nation) and again was received warmly as she observed customs and dressed modestly.

My immediate problem with Islam is the current said and unsaid "snigger" of some Muslims that they will simply take over by outbreeding the so-called Christian West. They wait patiently and this widely held view gets me angry. It is deceitful and why Mohummed cant hold a candle to Christ. suits the Muzzies. We should seperate into our respective clans and visit each other for holidays observing the customs and laws of local people.

Only brainwashed, idiot "whitey" would cut his own throat with the Zionist/Bolshevik crapola of "tolerence" for other people and the insane notion of "multi culturalism". Yet another "ism" from the brain of the idiot Left. Still, it is designed for a purpose by social engineer's.:-) We are seeing it fall apart. Thank God.
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