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I once mentioned something, and I guess it went over like a lead balloon. Don't forget that alot of the anonymous posters, and the peeping guests are students (some junior high agers, some a little older), the disgruntled, coffee and net cafes customers, who pop in here for the fun of it. They read posts to see who is who, and who said what to whom. I see from the library I go to, this is how it is at alot of places that have computer access. They do not absorb this stuff personally, but try to give you a wedgie.

Yes, some posts I've read last night and early this morning are (in my opinion)uncalled for, but this is a free for all. At least that's how I see it.

I can say the exact same thing as someone else, but depending on how I'm perceived (or, just not one's 'cup of tea' for whatever personal reason)
I'll get a response (not just me) to show that they are not going to agree with me, or not make any comment but just skip over me. And that's OK. I'm not here to see how many responses I can count up, or make friends with anyone, nor to show off any aggressiveness, or be a cry baby. This CC and the NWO chat stuff does not control me. I'm not the obsessive type. It doesn't control me at all.

In my daily living, I know where I need to assert myself, or be humble and passive. We all do. I know where it is necessary for me to be
taken seriously. I believe I've made a good life for myself. I'm not a door mat. Though there were times in my life I was careless!
But we learn.

However, on the CC site, man I gotta tell you, I'm seeing more hostility, than info. INFO: Which is why I've become a member in the first place. But then again, its your right to say whatever you feel you need to let out. I'm not perfect, I've had my moments of disagreement with some.

My reason for this posting: If I've offended anyone, I say here - right now, I apologize.
Otherwise if you just have a neutral view, and don't care one way or the other. Then good for you. Don't get your underwear into a wedgie.
And please, if you don't want to respond to my questions or comments. Don't. You don't have to.
Thanks for the nice PM's, the harsh one's were thrown in the shit file.

Thank You, Helen aka: get_real

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