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Default Re: How Sick Is Jewish Orthadoxy? This Sick...

When I use the statistic 99 percent, I'm referring to those who are sexually abused and continue the cycle of abuse upon their own children whether this "conditioning" occurred through mind control programs, the occult, or DNA.

However, as we have seen the cases skyrocket of reported sexual abuse by adults perpetrated upon children whether at Presidio, Catholic Church, and all the other unreported cases in mainstream media, but on the web, ritual abuse, satanic abuse, etc., mind control programs, the statistics would seem to outnumber the root cause as genetics.

When I first had memories of "satanic" abuse, I freaked myself out!!

Literally, I thought, WTF? why am I having these memories??


the FMSF has yet to explain to the those of us who have recovered repressed memories of "satanic ritual abuse," mind control victim, etc. why our BRAINS would house these horrific memories if they are FALSE and your brain and my neighbor's brain, does not.

Oh, we're just crazy, huh??

So much for the Psychiatric Association.

Big help!! in discrediting and disallowing repressed memories as evidence in a court of law.
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