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I understand what you're trying to say Ahmed.

I agree.

Your response was measured.

It's hard for everyone to think and feel that deeply though.

It's like your comment on Iraq...they also must take responsibility for their fate. That does'nt mean i approve of what's happening. That does'nt mean ar'nt moved to tears when a bunch of kids have just lost both parents at a roadblock. It's out of my hands and in theres.

Accepting responsability for what happens to you is the hardest thing to do.

God does not like innocent people.

God wants 'thinking' human beings. When you're innocent you dont have to think.

The NWO loves people who want to stay innocent.

When I started accepting at least part responsabilitiy for the things that happened to me things changed.

Take this for instance...a friend was bashed in town a while back. Basically he was walking down the street and was literally bashed for no reason. He was obviously upset. We all were. After a time I said to him..."you know, I've never been bashed in town on a Saturday night and do you know why?"..."Because I dont go to town when it's full of drunk, drug affected people".

He got the point.

It's not the best example but he had to take responsability for being in a place where bad things could happen.

God works through peoples feelings. By being able to feel you wont need to be knocked unconscious. If you cant feel then fate will use a bigger rock to knock you on the head with.

Denial is a river in Egypt.
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