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Default A Bit of Trivia For You.

You can sell tickets to it ...

"You can sell tickets to it ...," is a phrase used to assure someone
that a certain thing is going to happen or will get done. Here's a bit
of trivia for you as to where the phrase came from.

The early days prophet Jonah was told by God to prophesy that the
great city of Nineveh would be overthrown in 40 days. So, after
Jonah prophesied to the king of Nineveh, the king ordered all of his
people to give up their sins. Jonah had gone to the "outside" of the
city, set up a booth, and so-to-speak, began selling tickets to the
event of Nineveh being destroyed.

Jonah's prophecy of destruction in forty days never came to pass as
the people of Nineveh had repented. However, a few years later,
Nineveh once again turned from God, and it was then totally
destroyed. The story that Jonah actually sold tickets to the event
had never actually taken place. This part of Jonah's prophecy was
simply fabricated by modern day preachers so as to make the Book
of Jonah more interesting.

Modern preachers created the false teaching that, "If a person even
appears to make a mistake in their prophecies, they are a false
prophet," to discredit modern day prophets, so as to allow
preachers to escape God's scrutiny. The Book of Jonah however
proves that God does not always do as He tells His prophets to
prophesy. This fact makes it quite clear that modern day
preachers, knowing full well that is the case, simply fabricated the
false teaching that "prophets can never be wrong, otherwise they
are false prophets."

Whereas, God's purpose for having prophets has always been to
teach, or to otherwise correct the church. That is, to edify it, as an
editor corrects the copy in his newspaper. So, with today's "God
loves you, He will never do you harm, in fact, He wants you to be
rich" teachings in churches; pastors, preachers and teachers really
can't AFFORD to have their congregations listening to prophets, for
fear of being exposed for their own church's teaching of lies and
false doctrines.

Moreover, the fact that you hear a prophecy, then it doesn't come
to pass "on time," does NOT mean it won't come to pass... In fact,
that usually means nothing more than that your nation and its
people have been both warned, and advised, to get their act
together, and to KEEP it together, or suffer the consequences.

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