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Default I AM a Freemason, and I can say this is nonsense-why not join and see for yourself?

My name is Micheal Corrison, I'm a 19 year old member of the Scottish Rite Freemasons of New Jersey.
Look, guys, we have a public website with a list of contacts, telephone numbers, and pictures!! My lodge has a gym and pool OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! We have open informational days where people can come in, look around ,and ask questions as they please. We regularly get all sorts of conspiracy theorist who come in and look around suspiciously, and as always, act surprised when they aren't followed and are free to go wherever they like. Potential members are even allowed to sit in on meetings- hardly anything secret about that, is ther?>

If there's some "secret plot",well, I'm definitely not "in on it."
And let's pretend there IS some secret plot at world domination....why not join and be in on it? Hell why not, you'd get to be apart of the global elite and control the world? Why not join and see for yourself? You can always quit if you want to, and there's no charge at my lodge.

I never understand why you choose to get your information on these sites from people with NO idea what their talking about. Anyone here can apply TODAY to become a Freemason, or if you're female, a dame of the order of the Eastern Star.

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