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Default Re: I AM a Freemason, and I can say this is nonsense-why not join and see for yoursel

no problem.
im not sure if you're male or female- if you're female, you'd join the order of the eastern star, which is the womens version.
but anyway, its not really something you "join", its something you "become."

there are several ways to become a mason. most typically, a mason will invite a personal friend of his to attend a meeting or visit a lodge. direct referals make up 75% of new membership.
if you dont know anybody whose a mason, id suggest googling the lodge closet to you- try a state level search first, although a decently large city will probably have a lodge. send them an email explaining you've heard of the masons, and would like to inquire about what they do and how someone gets involved.
DONT use phrases like "join the masons"- it wont make your intentions look good. im not sure id call us an "elite group" either. powerful people become masons- not the other way around. being a mason wont get you very far, or give you any special "rank" in society.
it DOES help you network, however, and it gives you contacts in every city i nthe world.
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