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Default Re: I AM a Freemason, and I can say this is nonsense-why not join and see for yoursel


You'll notice that when a first-hand witness to something in Freemasonry that contradicts the official Masonic policy comes forward, the Masons will simply deny it on the basis that it contradicts their policy. They will not consider the possibility that their fraternity's official policy is a cover for unsavory things occurring within it.

I know someone who is a Freemason (19th Degree) who was "recruited" as a child by his uncle. He is very resistant to discussing the secrets of the fraternity, but would admit (after much pressing) that live pigs are brought in and slaughtered at a sacrificial ritual called "Acceptance of the Young Blood", in which initiates (only some, I assume) write their names in the blood.

I am sure the Masons here will simply say: "I never saw that happen in my lodge, so it can't be true! They would never keep things from me!"
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