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Default Re: I AM a Freemason, and I can say this is nonsense-why not join and see for yoursel

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
Lord Tsukasa

Forgive me for being blunt, but how is it anti-Masons always "know someone who is or has family who is...", but never can really back it up?

What policy contradicts something anything we've said? Can you please cite edicts or constitution, statutes, by-laws, or regulations of the Masons that supports your claim?

Can you explain to me how the Grand Lodge (or any body) works and operates? How power is defined? What constitutes a voting member at every level in Freemasonry? How jurisprudence fits in to all of it? How our judicial system works? How the Blue Lodge (co)operates with the appedant/concordant bodies (such as Shriners, Scottish Rite, York Rite, and so forth)?

19th degree? So wait, he didn't finish his Scottish Rite degrees? Hmmmm....that is a little weird considering that the 19th degree in the Scottish Rite is the bottom degree in the Council of Kadosh and from what I understand not eligible for leadership positions. The York Rite doesn't use a number system and the main body doesn't have more than 9 degrees/orders, but with all the invite-only, honorary groups we do come near a hundred. Also note that once one is in the Blue Lodge the appendant bodies are allowed to recruit. I was recruited in a sense into the York Rite, and its various invite-only groups. Now, to join the Blue Lodge one must do this on his own and freely volunteer; no one is forced or coerced to join. Hell, attendance isn't mandatory as other things in one's life comes before the Craft.

It is not so much resistance as he swore never to reveal them. I'm hoping its his integrity and bond of truth that binds him to his obligation, as it should with all members in Freemasonry. Live pigs are not slaughtered, that is absurd and nowhere in any degree does a pig even come into the picture.

Simply saying this means nothing. Can you prove it? No. It is hollow words. Nothing more.
My argument is bolstered by such a response.

You do not sound like an objective skeptic. You sound like an advocate, rushing to the defense of your organization.

What degree have you achieved? Your avatar tells me that you're anything but inactive.
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