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Wink The U.S. is no superpower, but a bankrupt farce

The U.S. is no superpower, but a bankrupt farce

The journal "Studies of Contemporary Issues" printed on 4 September an angry article written by former U.S. Vice Finance Minister under Ronald Reagan, Paul Craig Roberts, under the heading "The U.S. is no superpower, but a bankrupt farce", which, as it then is, "Schwachsinnigen is held, by Stolen (rigged) elections, arranged by Karl Rove and Diebold, have been installed. It [America] is a joke figure, the way in ignoranter a huge country with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons (Russia) insulted and harassment ". So much trouble in Europe dare the establishment not to speak without fear for their posts to be, although it is much more reason to have.

If we look at things here, perhaps similar to the "fragile and corrupt Saakashvili", as all others except our established know, "proclaims democracy and a police state operates? This sounded mißglückten after the attack on South Ossetia: "It is no longer a question of Georgia, it is about America, to preserve its values". Also it has nobody outside the U.S. and Europe doubt, but it has throughout the world, if they are not puppets of media and politicians puppets will be governed differently understood as the "sarcastic Willi" meant it should have. Of course, one in Georgia under the same "values", as in Abu Graib and Guantanamo and those with whom one of Vietnam to Iraq erstunken all countries under pretexts and erlogenen with überzog war, and even in our own country the World Trade Center to dynamited sake of propaganda and the victims in department has taken or is there still any denkfähigen people, the 9 / 11 because of charges does not recognize as home made?

Why do the European leaders not giving them the Americans Roberts zuruft in clear language: "What America Europe has to offer - except millions of dollars that it pays to European political leaders to bribe and thereby ensure that their own people cheat? Nothing, the only military threat, the importance to Europe, is for U.S. world domination in America's wars stumbled into being ". Betretenes silence: "We see this not so!" Are they all have been bribed? I can not believe it. How generous are Americans in general.

If they only "cowardly" would be, they should at least the threat of war detect and counter. In fact, here indicates something. Not for the Chancellor pflichtgetreuen but in the other, as the "right" verschriene Berlusconi with the strange business. Now there are between the noisy consent to what they vorsagt big brother, quiet voice: "But we do not want a cold war". Significant want them to the population because not stupid, because otherwise get wind of the matter and to make its own rhyme. On the instructions of big brother is now time not to doubt if you will be re-elected. Only he knows how to skillfully democratic elections zinkt. But bursts here and there but a little truth. Ironically Spiegel online points to the real aggressor, and to an OSCE study, with the facts, and the publication of the Big Brother as much that we do not know, still under seal holds. No, war will in Europe, in contrast to the U.S. and perhaps the Polish leadership no one.

But all the rank and name and in the media say, are too cowardly, the reality in the eye and watch the time to change course. This applies primarily to the economy, probably in the forthcoming papers in the value of 5.5 trillion dollars in dissolve nothing, and all the leaders only discuss whom they want to buck - the mass of course, but how? (Already something of climate protection is one?)

Also, the military provocations. To this end, pre-U.S. Vice President Cheney currently Georgia, Ukraine and Poland. Or you really believe the arranger of the 9 / 11, Afghanistan and Iraq war would go there for the relaxation of the situation? In the Black Sea recently was the U.S. flagship Mount Whitney sighted. It is the U.S. command stand for fleet insets. It was accompanied by the USS Pathfinder, to the Enlightenment and the discovery of distant targets specialized ship. In addition to these and other U.S. warships also met one each from Spain, Poland and Germany.

The fleet deployment off the coast of Iran progressing well. The Armada enumerate, has become too burdensome. It is important only to note that very many with Aegis missile destroyers are equipped for the interception of missiles, the enemy ships abfeuert. Strikingly many landing messenger and the LHD class including LSD, from which you may coastal batteries off. In the United States was again a higher anonymous diplomat with the Embassy to quote the attack on Iran would shortly. That should be obvious to the lake from happening after the delivery room for the air raid in Georgia has been destroyed. His message is supposedly huge gold speculation underlined that for the period after 18 September again with a gold price of over 1,000 U.S. dollars expected after it in recent weeks to 800 U.S. dollars declined.

All this can vote, but must not. From fear or tricky strategies profit hewn speculation drive in crisis situations in each direction flowers. To them is the only true fact that we are up to the neck in a crisis, this is particularly true for most of what most of us as an asset, namely the dollar flowers, which have flooded all accounts, as for the Weapons, in ever increasing numbers for immediate Extras be provided. Dangerous is primarily self-deception, of the media in this country produced impression that the rest of the world would not see what "the West" and that the real objectives behind his evil game stuck. If the U.S. army actually so strong that the U.S. is any fraud any provocation and challenge any unilateral can afford.

Georgia was a clear "Njet" after all the years of Zurücksteckens, Nachgebens, is Fügens. The self-surviving peoples now know that they have this compliance, this "point of reason" in the Western sense of the whole and nothing but exploitation of their population degrading conservation of the puppets. They know now that dollar little more than flowers are to be applied only to bayonets aufgespießt there is value, and that the United States with nothing more threatening others, than with a thermonuclear holocaust. To believe that they were reasonable, in such a purchase, would be a fatal mistake. The people who have the wealth of the former U.S. in the form of current U.S. dollars on flood and trigger nuclear missiles sit, are the same as unerzogene pampered young people with Papas Drittauto in remote places, "chicken game" played. You are with these cars on each other los driven, and who was the first ausgewichen, was signed by all other than the chicken, the chicken ausgelacht timid. How many kraftmeierische superhero in these games then died, is not transmitted. Even the hope that until today none of them left, would be wrong.

But one should also be clear. The Americans may be optimistic kraftmeierischen superheroes more acclaim than weinerlichen European concerns makers, they may not do otherwise, weaker states once it right to show, especially if they are loud enough, says that it is Bösewichter, you rightly pillage may, in America it may be enough fundamentalists, which is a herbei Armageddon, to finally be redeemed and the long-promised Happiness finally and without effort yet to be redeemed. But a thermonuclear third world war with an uncertain outcome they want.

And then, who are already the Americans, who in politics than those cited? There are not even those who we are, because they call U.S. government or U.S. investors. Elections are a cheap show business for light believers, which - in contrast to the Germans - fewer and fewer American Turkish citizens. The major banks still carry familiar American names and have their headquarters in the United States, but the money and play money that they manage, is long (some always been my) other people who have no nation and no one than to himself and in an increasing number of cases not even their wife and family are responsible (also a "Western values"). The Americans are currently ill in action. You will gradually increasingly clear that their savings, their pensions and age-supply of exactly where the casino of the international financial markets have been wasted, which are used for large cracks, the Super businessmen, admired the super-rich, the Krösusse and heroes of the "American way of life "Kept. And such an inspection should be no consequences? Maybe not yet at the next election. But the number of the Paul Craig Roberts will increase and perhaps they will soon be their country and their power from the Trickster and hoodlums, which Washington and Wall Street firmly under control, back.

And Europe? It dares not the reality in the eye to see and frightened and prays: "Wash me, but make me please, please not wet!" We do everything here, what we want (bescheißen most hintenherum). We get our energy from the alternatives, from wind, the heavenly child, and from the sun, and perhaps also by the blacks in Africa, where the Big Brother us help. But even the Africans feel where the wind blows, and sell dear to the Chinese and the Russians, something more to offer than "the West", now instead of stained glass beads with colorful printed paper so.

Also included nasty Gazprom the Russians a preliminary contract with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, which deals with the handling of his five trillion m3 of natural gas, whose fields still largely in the hands of Western corporations, but must be forwarded. The Europeans expect with the GALSI MEDGAS and pipelines, the gas north through the desert to Europe, but expressed the Nigerians so that they are now with the Russians, with the dollar generous then you handelseinig. The Russians were the same but it was in 2006 with Sonatrach in Algeria, the local natural gas has become handelseinig. Lots of oil and gas in South America rediscovered, but if the Europeans do not have their green shadow jump, they are even there the See. The Chinese have a dollar and a better reputation than the Westerners who are still in the "development aid" a means brutalster had exploitation. And the gushing oil and gas in the North Sea are sparse. So here is hoping against all reason and knowledge at all alternatives, the switch from nuclear power plants and leaves even the coal because of climate change in the abandoned mines absaufen slowly.

The Europeans snore and dream the sweet dream of nature paradise, make their nuclear power plants and amusement parks are waiting for the quail from the clover, only to the Zündler not need to defend, with its matches in all Zündschnüren zündelt. A Lunte was in Poland and the Czech Republic. The Georgia was just in ausgetreten, but in Iran as in Georgia will continue gezündelt. And were the rocket on the Chinese embassy in Serbia-war and the peculiar circumstances of the recent major earthquake in China and the peculiar Tibetan uprising before such Zündeleien not? But the Europeans have other concerns, they want the snoring is not disturbed, and - for God's sake - not wake up, because the real world is no longer the one they want. And to produce the desired missing the would-be slaves of courage and self-awareness.

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