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After living in a nursing home for 6 months after my accident 5 years ago (cause there was no one to take care of me, I was very injured--I was a pedestrian hit by a car). But anywho!!! I had to have a "plan" to get out, once I managed to walk again. Trust me, I know what the power people can do when you have no one on your side. These facilities and social services can be the death of you.
Had it not been for my big mouth and threats of calling 'certain' attorneys and the media, I could have been used for body parts??? Think its absurd?? Think again!! Just look into sites on baby parts, human parts in general. Sorry for getting my personal shit in here, I had said I wouldn't but, some happenings in my life leave me very aware and definitely in the know about a lot of things. I'm sure I've been measured for cement shoes. Maybe I don't speak about politics and religion as you all do, but on a scale of someone who has had dirty works done to her on a local, community level, I know STUFF!!!!!!!
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