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Default … and the big answer (for whom can face it)

Hello for the last time! I’m Vlad and I’ll give you the answer to the “big question” put in my post “The big question for you all!” at Please be so kind as to read it.

My “adventurous quest” was meant to be a Socratic dialog between us by means of which we would’ve reasoned together and cleared our vision. Although what we should find in ourselves in order to save us is above mere reason, this little thing called reason plays its role in the design and should work interwoven with our spirit. These two are complementary as is our very nature: body and soul.

In these modern times, the balance has decisively inclined towards corporeality. We have become addicted to our bodily functions. The official theory (which is nothing more than a contrived ideology) has taught us since childhood that we are mere animals. A little more “evolved”, but still animals. Our principal needs are our “basic instincts” which we should follow in order to live a “healthy life”.

This is our prison (“the matrix” for you): our own mindset. How could we escape it and find our way back? First we should admit the defeat of the world. Modernity has opened a Pandora’s box of illusions and false freedom that cannot possibly be shut again. We are living the great apostasy. The salvation is individually or in very small groups. We Christians will have to return to catacombs.

However, all this was foreseen. The fall of man, as well as the crucifixion were the results of conspiracy. What is important is Christ’s attitude to it. It would have been all too simple to Him to prevent it, but He consciously CHOSE to let Himself fall for it. Have you ever wondered why? Or what is the meaning of His “resignation” or why God gave to the first man the possibility of mistake? It’s the same as the meaning of this world of Creation: IT HAS TO COME TO PASS. It’s not for ourselves to judge why – here is the thin line between what we should and what we shouldn’t. Our very salvation depends on our atitude. We should take it as it is and make the best of it or we would be rebelling once again against our Creator.

The answer is partly a technique; it boils down to a personal free choice.

Some may find this view depressing. Our spirits have become so feeble that we avoid whatever may frighten us. This is why I say faith is primarily a matter of courage.

We have become so engulfed in this world that anything not closely related to it is blurry. Do you remember the Promise of Life Eternal in the name of which the sacrifice has to be done? This is the final sense and the answer for you “doubting Thomases”. In order to reach Heaven we have to pass through this life, but not anyhow.

Little by little, we discover for ourselves the basics of Christianity. But it is more to it than reasoning. It is also a matter of faith, love, hope, humility and vision. The best part it is given to you by grace; you have to do your work then.

Most of you have already known these things. What stands in our way, then? Well, our lives until now. Ourselves, to be more exact. We have to make a major paradigm shift, a complete u-turn. We have to fight our own war and conspiracy.

In the past it was easier for the simple reason that there existed social pressure to do the right thing. Now we are free not to do it and, of course, we don’t. We have to pull ourselves out of the water, like Baron Munchausen. We have to play by internal rules.

We have lost our capacity of vision. We have been taught not only how to behave and think, but also how to imagine things. Mass media puts all the time counterfeit images in our heads. We have to fight them off and find our own personal vision instead. It will be very hard but don’t forget the help from above. The Spirit has been here with us all the time, as promised; it is we who has turned the back on Him.

At a closer look, it may prove to be really adventurous and exciting, even for a modern adrenaline junkie!

The conspiracy theory itself is nothing else than just another conspiracy trick. We should face it: we cannot know all the design as we cannot prevent the result. We are trying to save the world while we cannot save ourselves!

My way is the Eastern Orthodox Church. I speak in my name only, though some thought I apply some converting techniques and others that I am a gnostic agent of disinformation.

Here are some useful links for you:

Now I wish you farewell; thank you for your attention. I must see to my own salvation. It is not selfishness, one should strengthen oneself before trying to help another.

It is my last post on this forum. It has been … instructive. And sometimes even fun!

Good day and God bless!

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