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Default Re: Why The Wet Rag Christian Churches Have Failed Us So Miserably: Have They Woken Up?

Could you give me some direct Bible quotes on these matters? Namely warnings regarding Astrology, dream work etc...


I think you'l find their are many "roundabout" warnings regarding using the "occult" for personal power while ignoring Faith in God but as for direct warnings I have found none.

In the end if I find Astrology, dreamwork, kinesiology etc...IMMENSELY useful in getting myself aligned correctly with the "Source". Christian Faith and a humble attitude towards the Divine is required also as the temptation of power will kick in immediately one messes with a direct line to God.

The walls of the Church were put up for a reason I believe. It formed a foundation and protection from powerful forces. any bird we must leave the nest sooner or later and if the Churches want people back their they must address the elephant in the living room.:-)
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