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Default Re: Hal Turner Shows New AMERO Currency

there are three possible explanations for this I guess:
1 . They suck at keeping things secret (if a big operation like this is going one I guess it kinda hard to keep it secret even for them)
2. It's a distraction for something else that will come (big question would be what)
3. There never will be an amero and its just complete bullshit to make us conspspiracy nuts questtion ourselves.

However if we see the amero coming we kind of like know it has to be the first one. I guess in germany during the reigstag lots of people also know it was a set up but I'm sure we don''t here about that. Also during the communist revolution also a lot of sources and newspaper articles (from what I remember) exposed the revolution as a act funded by wallstreet. Probably during every event they have been behind there was resistance or advanced knowledge by people I think but of course this is such a small minority that it doesn't even matter. Maybe instead of sitting behind our computers trying to figure out what is goin one we have to out in the world to find evidence for our selves to see if it is disinformation or not.
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