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Default Re: EXPRESS YOURSELF: OK I will!

If you are not a Christian you are doomed to Hell on earth ? Come on, Christians are the ones having a hard time. They are labeled as idiots, as narrow minded people full of prejudice. I would spare myself much trouble were I NOT a Christian.

Jesus Himself said that in this world Christians would be despised and persecuted, and this is what happens all the time. The cool thing now is to be a pagan, a witch or atheist.

Maybe you had a bad experience with religious Christianity, but this is not the personal relationship with Jesus as Lord and Savior as He intended you to have. I don`t like RELIGION either. What I mean is that it is possible that you never experienced REAL Christianity, so you may be throwing the baby away with the bathwater.

The sad part is that many people who are upset with the religion part miss the fact that Jesus is really into love, understanding, solidarity, meaning, and all things that they are probably looking for.
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