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Default Re: EXPRESS YOURSELF: OK I will!

Great replies.

However, I'm in the Bible Belt. Trust me, I know about Christianity. The bottom line is that Christianity has become a different animal.
I do not accept it any more. And I do not accept that if a person gives themselves some name as 'humanitarian', 'agnostic', 'spiritual', metaphysical, and the likes... that it constitutes a evil agenda, or NWO groupie. Baloney! And that's what I've been hearing from too many Christians. "Oh you're a humanitarian", "humanist", "agnostic"?..."the devil deceives in many ways!" ... Give me a break will ya??

Of course the teaching of JC are beautiful, no doubt about it. I wish ministers, pastors, missionaries, etc., would leave it at that & leave it alone. But noooooooooooooooooo!
The way they want you to believe in Christianity is to eat, drink and sleep Christianity all the time!! (?) Why? Once I've accepted this teaching, and applied it to my personal life and ways, and saw that it was good... then great! Leave ME alone!!!

Here in Florida, especially this coast...
you are either in or out depending on your Christian faith. And not just that, but the DEGREE of your Christian faith, and then not only that but who you know in this area of Christian belief. Then who you are, how much you have, what do you do, etc. etc.

Alot of BS.(as nohope said)

As far as being Catholic, I never was!! I only went to Catholic school because it was private and bi-lingual, and the education was great. And near home. This made it great for my parents who did not speak English that well at that time, and didn't have a car yet, amongst other things. Otherwise, I do not accept any rituals and such as there are within the Catholic institution.

I'm sorry that some of you feel that Christians get the bad end of the stick. But NOT here in Florida!!! KKK's say they are true Christians,
Southern Baptists say they are true Christians, Catholics say they are the one and only true religion, Methodist think everyone else has it all wrong. Gee whiz, I'll discuss this with God when the time comes. Not really, I don't believe in such a God that's going to question and judge me by my beliefs. It is what is in the heart! As adults we know what is right, fair, and loving.

I believe a higher power we call God dwells in all of us.

No, I'm not disillusioned, or throwing out the baby with the bath water... what I would like to see is maybe throwing out some bad Christians.

Mark my words, bad Christians with their high horse attitudes will be preaching Luciferianism. Some already are, they just don't know it. But their ministers do!!

Good discussion folks. Hope someone comes up with a good thread, it's been kind of stale lately. But let's keep a good head on our shoulders. Peace.
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