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Originally Posted by albie View Post
I don't need to read any of that. A "wise man" debunked it all for me already. I know that some of the testimony is dodgy. That's to be expected. But not "all" of it is.
Only a tiny minority of testimonies actually contradict Holocaust revisionism and these have been debunked. Most testimonies are perfectly compatible with both the official story and the revisionist account and some explicitly contradict the official story.

Originally Posted by albie View Post
You are lying to yourself and us.
I'm telling the truth as I understand it.

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
So because a few of them were faked, that means the whole idea of the Holocaust was a fabrication?
Of course not. It just illustrates that you can't base what happened on testimonies alone. The Holocaust myth is disproven by documentary evidence, forensic tests and other types of physical evidence.

National-socialism (aka Nazism or Naziism) was far from an evil ideology. In fact, it was the best thing that ever happened to Germany. Most Germans who were old enough to remember the era '33-'39 will remember it as the happiest period of their life, however they'll admit it with shame because they've been brainwashed to hate their history for many decades ever since. To understand the real situation in Hitler-Germany, I highly recommend you take a look at Archives Index .

When people judge Hitler, they usually don't look beyond the so-called Holocaust. Holocaust revisionists have proven, however, that the so-called Holocaust is largely based on lies. In the following paragraphs I'll try to give a short summary of the views expressed by Holocaust revisionists. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them. If you have any remarks, feel free to make them.

Around the early 1900's Hitler ended up in Vienna. Back then, Vienna had quite a significiant Jewish population and here Hitler developed his antisemitic beliefs. Many of the Vienna Jews were involved in political or social movements which Hitler considered harmful for Germany and some of the weeklies he stumbled on claimed that the Jews were doing this as part of a well-designed plan to corrupt gentile culture on behalf of their own group interests. These papers also claimed that Jews controled most of the mainstream press and many key areas of the German economy. As he learned more and more about Jewish influence in Vienna and Europe in general, he became more and more convinced that these views were an accurate representation of the facts.

During the early '20s, he would write Mein Kampf. In this book, he developed the idea that Jews and Germans were different ethnic groups and that to preserve and advance the future of Germany the Jews must be limited in their power. He believed that by denying certain rights to Jews he could stop the corruption of Germany and help Germany become a healhy and prosperous nation again. At the same time, he wanted to increase the group cohesion of the German people by making them proud of their culture and ethnicity again and by spreading the concept of class solidarity rather than class struggle. For this purpose, he developed an ideology called national-socialism that would embody these ideas, hoping it could save Germany from total collapse. Back in the early '20s, it seemed Germany was pretty much bankrupt both economically and morally.

In 1933, after a decade of political and economical chaos, Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany. The international Jewish community, well aware of Hitler's antisemitic views, immediately launched a boycott against Germany. One newspaper headlined "Judea declares war on Germany", which should give an idea of the intensity of this boycott.

Of course, Germany immediately responded by boycotting all Jewish goods. This German response, however, is mentioned in every history book on the Third Reich whereas the Jewish boycott of German goods is conventiently left out. Here's where the distortion of historical facts already begins.

During the years that followed, several laws were implemented in Germany to limit the rights of Jews in Germany as Hitler has suggested in Mein Kampf. They were not allowed to exercise certain professions, they were not allowed to own certain property, they were not allowed to marry ethnic Germans, etc. Although from a modern day perspective this al seems quite inhumane, back at the time (when Americans still enforced segretation between blacks and whites) this was considered a very humane solution considering all the evil of which Jews had been accused.

Zionists, in their early days, saw the potential of these policies and actually cooperated with the nazis to organise voluntary migration of German Jews to Palestine. A well-known agreement between the nazis was the Haavara-agreement. Up until 1939, this cooperation between zionists and nazis was continued.

Before I jump to WW2, I'd also like to mention Kristallnacht, also known as the Night of the Broken Glass. In November 1938, Jewish Herschel Grynszpan murdered German diplomat Ernst vom Rath at the German embassy of Paris. Ordindary Germans, fueled by a state policy of antisemitism, were enraged by this act and on the night of November 8th the German masses marched down the street and rioted against the Jews. Synagogues were burnt, shops were thrashed and people were beaten and in a handful of cases even killed. It is unclear to what degree this riot was spontaneous and to what degree state officials played a role, but it was most definitely state antisemitism that fueled the emotions that lead up to the events.

I won't go into details on the origins of WW2 (another complex issue), so I'll go over it very quickly. Germany had some issues with Poland it had been negotiating on sinds 1933. In 1939, Poland unilaterally ceased all negotiations due to lobbying from England. After Poland ignored every proposal from Germany regarding the continuation of these negotiations, Gemany posed an ultimatum. Poland's response was to sign a pact with England and France guaranteeing protection in case Poland was attacked. Thus, when Hitler did in fact invade Poland, England and France declared war on Germany and WW2 had started.

Chaim Weizmann, president of the World Zionist Organization soon declared his support of the war effort in name of all the Jews. Hitler took this as a declaration of war from the side of the Jewish community and decided that all Jews in Germany posed a threat to national security and therefore should be isolated from the general population. It may seem quite an extreme measure today, but few people realise that Roosevelt did THE EXACT SAME THING with American citizens of Japanese origins and also Canada did the same. And of course, both Russians and Japanese had concentration camps too. I'm not sure exactly who the British locked up, but Heinrich Harrer tells in his "Seven Years in Tibet" how he too was captured by the British in India and sent to a prison camps although he was just a civilian. So when people talk about the inhumanity of locking up innocent civilians, it should be noted that all nations involved did pretty much the same thing.

The conditions in the German concentration camps (and ghettoes - some Jews were packed together in ghettoes) depended on various conditions. It depended on the number of inmates, on the inmates with special privileges (capos, sonderkommandos, Judenrat, ...), it depended on the German personel involved, etc. Overall I'd say the conditions in German camps were not necessarilly worse than those in British or American camps and most definitely better than those in Russian camps.

However, things changed drastically in 1944. Germany was losing the war and due to continuous carpet bombings by allied planes supplies could no longer reach their destination. Typhus, common in areas with poor sanitation and a high number of people, could not longer be controlled in some of the camps and people were dying in large numbers. Worst cases were Bergen-Belsen and Dachau and most of the pictures with piles of emaciated bodies were taken at those camps. It was an absolutely nightmarish sight for everyone who witnessed this, but it had nothing to do with extermination.

From 1942 onwards, however, allied propagandists had been claiming that Germans were murdering Jews in large numbers. At the discovery of these piles of bodies at Bergen-Belsen and Dachau, the American psy-warfare decided to exploit this to further continue their attrocity propaganda. Sovjets would soon do the same and so the Holocaust was born.....
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