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Default Re: Illuminati secerts must read

dont you see.. ok.. telling you now without beeting around the bush.. lol. unintentional pun. this is whats plannd on the drawing board.. the vatican 2 is what tiped me off. ww1 was a religous war.. it had to do with religion to. ww2 was a religous war.. they are the first and 2nd anti christ wars... this 9/11 war is the third anti christ war.. the world gov planns a one world religion. which includes all current religions roold into one.. as one world religion.. tghat is the third antichrist.. there will not be a one world gov.. that is plannd for religous beliefs. the anti christ has been here somwhere between 1 AD to now. and is on earth now. and the end is not far away
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