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Default Re: Illuminati secerts must read

Originally Posted by cbluemagica View Post
kery, kery, kery. I know your unique knowlAdge like no other. so Much is there for us to discuss! lets start with your Great theOry of the Destruction of all religion forever!! no! simply impossible. becouse all religion is faith. have you ever seen your brain kerry? no. do you know what it feels like? taste like? smells like? sounds like when handled? no? no idea huh? well kery... how do you know your brain even exist? or is even in your head? FAITH! kery. FAITH is the very base and structure of relegion. for instance, you cant see, hear, touch, taste, or smell god. so, whats the diffrence between god and your brain kerry? so to conclude, faith can only be... destroyed, as you put it, if everything and one including... them/they/illuminaty is destroyed as well! -the A.C.
i got a brain. i must have a brain.. if only i had a brain
what are you selling me here your worse then i am and im the king makeitup
heres how i know we all have a brain..
centurys ago there was this mohamid guy who walked the deserts under a cammel. one day he stoped but the cammel dident stop. and the camel got afrade and kicked him in the head.. well the days that followed prooved he had a brain because he learned he can drink water insted of cammel pee.
and everyone got healther. to protect the brain to this day they wrap a towle around there heads. it was truly a fantastic descovery because years later they learned they can ride the cammel insted of walking under them
only somone with a brain can remember a story like this dont you agree
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