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Default There was a brief Thunderstorm overhead.

There was a brief Thunderstorm overhead.

Lucifer is the false god of Judaism/Freemasonry…..

I told you that the uk police are a satanic cult…..

To help you understand that satan/lucifer is real…..

Look at the two Freemason comments (from behind the curtains) who dislike the truth about their criminal organisation. Warning, Freemasons specialise in Gaslighting (sowing seeds/lies). They also dress up as good.

Want the truth on Anti-Semitism?

The true God of the Bible has a perfect plan. God is sifting the Wheat (good) from the Chaff (satan/luci). The Beautiful Bible (God's Word) offers you eternal life or eternal Gehenna. My message to the non-believers (the dead trees, rabid dogs and satan's secret societies), it doesn't matter to me as We all await Father's impending Sign. To the Watchers, heavenly time is different to human time. Be comforted.

This truth is brought to you today Monday 19th May 2014. This day-number equates to the satanic date/number of 19/5 = 195 (=39X5) or 19.5 Cydonia, just put the word "occultic" before your search. I have told you before that All numbers belong to God the Creator (Psalm 19). The satanic freemasons have also stolen/reversed Psalm 19 and told the gullible masons (selfish) that it is really satan/luci who is the creator (of real masonic excrement and bull).

I shall soon prove that God the Father designed this Earth and it's contents (including You). Happy am I in the Kirk I am (we are). One of my favourite songs is "Showdown" By ELO, also "You know who I am" by Leonard Cohen….. There was a brief Thunderstorm overhead (9pm approx.) as I wrote this for you. Rejoice and remain humble, Joe Stirling Christie

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