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Default Administrator evidently can't fathom improvement

I know its been mentioned more than a couple of times, it seems that the administration still hasn't read the consensus that, the forums should be up top, and easily accessable, so either loose the commentary at the top of the page or put it below the forums.
It does degrade the forums if everytime we go back to the homepage, we have to suffer the peralysis of getting back to the meat of the site , that being the forums.
I know that I only read the commentary once, if even that, it doesn't deserve top billing!
So far, I haven't seen any response from the administrator, to any of the post that dealt with this subject, are they afraid that if they posted it below the forums they would lose control?
And why is it they are afraid to let themselves be known, yea, thats right, come out from the shadows.
In ending, I have read quite a few post since joining, and found that when questions arise about the administrator of the site liking to remain in the shadows, there is a person that will presently go unmentioned, that always comes to their defense, so I put it to you this way, let them speak for themselves.

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