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Default Re: canadian government is a bloody farce

No, it is YOU that does not know how the system works.

The parties choose the person that their supporters want to be the candidate.

The third (and fourth and fifth) parties can not get any support, because the people don't really support them. They have their fanatics, but in reality, the vast majority of the people of this country do NOT support the positions of those parties.

And YOU may be controlled, but I am not. No politician controls me, nor does any politician control anyone that I know.

Ron Paul is the darling of the ultra right wingers. he couldn't get enough votes, in any primary, to even make a blip. It wasn;t because he couldn't get his message out, he could and did. It was that the people didn't want a damn thing to do with his message.

People do not want to go back to an 18th century world. That's what he adbocates, a society like the one he dreams of, where we don't interact with any other country, we all have our tiny little farms, and we cut ourselves off from the world.

Too bad, but that world is gone, and can never return. Anyone that believes it can come back is simply deluded, like Ron Paul is. The vast majority of the people don't want to live like that, nor could they even if the government tried to impose such a thing.

And that's the ONLY way such a lifestyle could ever come into being. It would have to be forced upon the people,
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