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Default Re: My profile from POF

See honestly though, I'm not being genuine in that video at all. I make it sound like I care about finding a woman, but that's all just for the comedic effect. (That legitimately IS my profile on POF btw, but I lied about not getting responses, girls respond all the time and I've even been on a few dates, they usually say something like "Your profile is crazy! What is up with that!??" Starts a great conversation)

See my problem is, I just don't care. And I have never had success in life, that room I'm in on my videos? That's my parents' BASEMENT.... that's where I have lived my whole life, with a few exceptions where I tried to hack it on my own but couldn't.

This has given me this complex, which is basically like "I am not taking another human being down with this ship. Until I am successful I have no business dragging some poor innocent woman into my pit of failure" So I legitimately push girls away that like me.

I also wasn't lying about the whole getting nervous thing, I may seem confident in my videos, but that's cause there's no one around but the camera, throw an attractive female in the room and you'll see me get quiet and tongue tied real quick.

So my natural nerves, coupled with my feeling of inadequacy, PLUS the fact that I've never had a high sex drive so that's not an issue with me, I could care less about getting laid, all this has just made me very apathetic to the whole thing.

I don't pursue women, I don't go looking for them, and when they come to me I usually keep them at a distance for THEIR sake. Alot of girls legitimately fall in love with me, claiming there is no one like me, then it gets REAL sticky. I've had to deal with girls crying on the phone asking me what's wrong with them and why I won't give them a chance and it sound so cliche but I'm like "seriously, it's not you, it's me..."

But yeah, I just devulged alot to someone I pretty much don't know at all. Am I naive? or stupid? Beats me
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